Department introduction

The Education and Teaching Evaluation Center of Nanchang Institute of Technology was established in September 2007.

The main tasks of the Education and Teaching Evaluation Center are: (1) Evaluation. Organize the formulation of school-related education and teaching evaluation work methods; organize the evaluation of the work status of the department, the evaluation of the teacher's teaching level, the evaluation of the basic teaching ability of teachers, the evaluation of professional construction, the evaluation of curriculum construction, and other special evaluations that need to be carried out. (2) Supervision work. Supervise, inspect, research, consult and guide the school's teaching activities, teaching process and teaching management; responsible for the collection, sorting, and reporting of the school's teaching activities information.

The Education and Teaching Evaluation Center has an evaluation office, a supervision office, and a school supervision office. The center currently has 7 staff members and 14 full-time and part-time supervisors.

Office location of Education and Teaching Evaluation Center: Second Floor, Administration Building, Nanchang Institute of Technology